How To Pursue Your Dream When You Have No Money

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When Cash Is Tight When Pursuing Your Passion - Image Credit : Payday Loans (Flickr)

When Cash Is Tight When Pursuing Your Passion – Image Credit : Payday Loans (Flickr)

Have you ever loved to pursue your dream and follow the path of been on your own, following your passion and building a business but you are struggling with making ends meet financially at present?

Or are you presently living your dreams of following your passion and living the life of freedom that working for yourself has to offer,but things are just not right with you financially and you are wondering how you will pay the bills?

If you are experiencing any of these scenarios right now, then join me here as I walk you through how you can overcome the menace of having no money to pursue your dream or to pay your bills while you pursue your passion.

When How To Pay The Bills Becomes A Problem

You have finally taken the bold step of pursuing your dream and you look forward to the best of days ahead when you don’t need to work your ass off again like you have always done with having a job while your passion centered on business will take care of all your money needs while you still have the free time to enjoy life, have freedom and catch as much fun as you can manage BUT you are just not having enough money to pay all your bills and fulfill all your financial obligation.

In times like this, all that comes naturally to play is worry and self-doubt if you are doing the right thing by following the path of your passion rather than following the path of getting a job and having a “steady” paycheck (if ever there is anything like that with having a job).And even, you might be contemplating about the idea of dumbing your dream of living your passion to follow the path of least risk called having a job.

Maybe you have always heard it all around the message of “follow your dream” and “live your passion” but you can’t just seem to do that when money is just a problem with you right now but the good news is that you are not alone and many out there are experiencing such a moment of doubt and despair but there is a way out of this, a situation I see as an interference and an obstacle in the way of you living a life that you have always wanted.

Prolonged exposure to this circumstances awakes your survival instinct and you will keep having fears in your mind of how to survive with and need all your present need and if you have not developed a strong connection to your passions, your mind will start to question you whether you have made the right decision and this might lead you to start regretting your decision and belittle yourself and probably your passion.

If you are starting to develop self-doubting thoughts, put a break on them immediately. When you took action to start pursuing your passion (assuming it was your true passion and not a lower-level whim), it marked the point when you listened to your heart and your intuition.

That was when you deepened the connection with your higher self. That was when you moved up to a higher consciousness level, toward Courage. To doubt this would be to recede into lower conscious levels like Desire/Fear/Pride, where your thoughts and concerns become very much rooted from your ego.

This is a classic situation where many “cynics cum realists” around you will be quick to jump on. They constantly cite it as an example to justify (to themselves or others) why they are staying on in a passionless job they do not feel strongly about. They keep lauding about earning money, having to pay bills, living up to responsibilities, etc without any seeming end point. They harp on how they are not pursuing their passion because it will lead to nowhere. They advocate staying on in their current path as the safest, logical and better route.

Except that, the issue has nothing to do with your passion or the pursuit of your passion. Living a life of your passion should always be your end point. The key question should instead be – How can you live your passion and pursue your dream while you are low in cash?

Since money is the issue here, let’s look at how to manage this situation, pay your bills and still enjoy living your dreams. .

Fixing The Money Puzzle While Living Your Passion

Fixing The Money Puzzle When You Need To Bring Home The Bacon On Your Way Pursuing Your Dream - Image Credit : Paul-Wash (Flickr)

Fixing The Money Puzzle When You Need To Bring Home The Bacon On Your Way Pursuing Your Dream – Image Credit : Paul-Wash (Flickr)

I had been in this situation before and I know how it feels not been able to meet your meets when the cash aren’t just coming on the way to pursuing my dream and if you have always wonder how can you keep your dream alive and make ends meet as well in this circumstance, there are two approaches to go about this:

Approach 1: Waiting For Your Passion Or Business To Generate Revenue

This approach involves giving all you can in term of money(if you can still source for some),energy and time to your passion or business and wait for when your effort will start yielding result and bringing in enough money to sustain you.

You dedicate all of yourself into pursuing your passion and ignore the issue of no income, refusing to let it bother you. The problem with this approach is that your original issue of not having sufficient money for security needs remains a glaring concern. It’s something that will not get resolved and will continue to shout at you every day until you start earning actual revenue. This means you start hinging on your passion to generate you money, which in turn means your passion becomes wrapped with a certain level of desperation, anxiety and fear. You become dependent on the probability that your venture will earn you money at X period of time, which may or may not take place. This is highly risky.

Many people who start out with new ventures fall into this pit. They jump straight into the thick of things, invest all their money into it, slough off from day and night and become increasingly desperate when things don’t map out the way they want. Their increased anxiety leads them to make poor decisions of which the consequences ripple out into everything they do. In the end, when their ventures do not take off, things end up crashing and burning.

But what if you can’t really say when your passion or business will start generating the money you need to meet all your need and waiting for this might seems to be a dumb option when you have got bills to pay?

Then that leaves you with a better option and approach and that takes us to Seeking Alternative Sources of Income. Here we go….

Approach 2: Seeking Alternative Sources of Income

To me, this seems the best way to solve the problem of having no money before your passion begins to pay off to support you and your needs.

This is very simple as you seeking other not too engaging and time consuming way of earning money doing one thing or the other in exchange for money.

It can be a full-time or part time job (but don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying you go get another “passionless” and “unfulfilling” dead end job that only pay your bills (if at all it does that) at the end of the day but suck out real life out of you), freelancing, an investment or consulting out your skills.

All I am saying here is to look around and find what you can do to earn money to pay your bills and meet your current need while you still have the time and freedom to pursue your passion.

The objective is to earn sufficient money such that security concerns stop becoming a nag at your back and you can dedicate yourself to fully pursue your passion outside of that. These sources of income should be stable and ideally non-time consuming so you can get the money concern off your back. This means the jobs you get yourself into should require minimal commitment – i.e., no overtime hours, not requiring you to pick up totally new skills just to get the job (e.g. moving into graphic design when you have no background in designing at all). The best case is if the side job you find matches as much of your values and desires as possible.

This should be an interim solution and not a final solution. When you have the money issue out of the way, quickly orientate yourself to pursuing what you want to do. Identify plans to get out of the situation ASAP.

My Personal Story – Money Or Passion?

I’ve fight in the past with this issue of no money while pursuing a passion and I can say it sometimes can be crazy knowing that you need to live your passion but there is still bills to pay and following your dream won’t start paying the bills soon.

After graduating from the University and earning my Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, I decided I’m not going the route of a job – an unusual and abnormal path in my country that pays much premium on the security of a job but just after a year, I play with the idea of getting a job my own way and in 2 weeks I got the job of my dreams- that’s just a story for another post for another day.

But I got pissed off with the idea of having a job and I pack my things and sack my boss and if you haven’t done that yet, here are 5 Reasons Why You Need To Sack Your Boss Now.It was a decision that I took without looking back or with any fear of what awaits me without having a steady paycheck (chuckes…does this exist?) and that leaves me with having my time all for myself to do what I love doing – writing and blogging.

But sincerely, things aren’t easy with me financially as my blogs aren’t bringing much money to sustain me and I remember many times when friends and family will tell me why won’t I get a job – just what seems right and sensible to them but do I want to conform to what anyone believe to right other than what seems right to me? That was just my resolve inside of me and all through these times, all I decided to do is to find ways of earning money with all my skills.

I’m a website designer and with this as my skills, I look around for small businesses that might need a website and all I did is write a proposal to them and with this, I got paid for helping these small businesses design their websites.

With this, all that cost me are just some few days to come up with a website design and I still have time to blog and write and also got my money problem solved. With my monetary concerns out of the way, I was able to focus on my passion fully.

What can you do to get revenue rolling in while still being able to pursue your passion?

Keep your end objective in mind and don’t get deviated by a temporal issue such as money. This will be just one out of the many other challenges that will face you along the way and you need to stay strong. If money is a barrier stopping you from getting what you want, then find ways to get the money first. Once you get your lower-level needs resolved, you will be able to get back into pursuing your passion again.

Do You Need Help ? – I’m Here To Help

If you are reading this,then chances are high that you are the type who want to live the life of your passion and dream but are you finding it hard to pay the bills along the line of pursuing your passion?

If so,then take some few minutes and send me a mail at and tell me what specific problem you are having in your journey for passion and business and let us discuss ways I can be of help to you.

I’ve been there before and I know it really suck to be remember that you need to spend money but your pocket are just not full enough to meet your need but you should never have to worry anymore about paying those bill before your passion business pursuit begin to make you money.

It’s Now Your Turn

Have you ever experience this situation in the past and what are the ways you solve your money issue while your business and passion grows to pay all your bills?

I can’t wait for your comments and feedback, let’s hear your own side of the story at the comment box below, I believe others can learn from your story of solving your money problem when while still living your passion.

Don’t forget to Join My Tribe Of Remarkable People Living The Life They Want and download a free copy of Get Inspired! – My free book gift that contain great inspiring quotes to you that will help inspire and motivate you live the life you want.

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